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It’s charming, entertaining, imaginative, and beautifully illustrated.  Truly a gem. And the rhyme and meter is perfect.

Pamela Cangioli

literary judge and editor

Five stars all the way. As a mother of four children between the ages of one to six, this book was a perfect addition that the whole crew could enjoy. The colorful artistry, the masterful rhyme, and the engaging story held them captive night after night as the book became a bedtime ritual. The tale of a young boy trekking into a land of live gnomes, and helping them learn to read, is both clever and entertaining. Children are drawn into the excitement of this fantasy world where anything is possible, thus delivering a rush to the imagination. A timeless must-read delight that children of all ages will relish reliving.
Pamela Crane – Senior Editor NC

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve read a children’s story written in narrative poetry. It is perfect for children aged four to nine or ten. The illustrations are marvelous. They almost tell the whole story without the words being read. It will be a great addition to children’s book shelves and libraries everywhere.”
Alexander Pettit, author and raconteur NY

“This charming fairytale places young children in a fun place to be, a magical little place with gnome’s, animals, numbers and a special little boy who heads the journey into their imagination. This story held the attention of a small, two-year old child with its beautiful illustrations and wonderful little rhymes.”
Sherri Wallace

“The rhyme and meter are a delight to read and should entertain readers of all ages – from parents looking to share a good story before bedtime, to children eager to practice emerging reading skills. The Gnomes in the Trees is both accessible and entertaining, striking that important balance needed in well-told picture books.”
Aaron Avis M.F.A – English Composition and Literature- Florida Atlantic University

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! The adventure, the easy-to-follow rhyme and meter – it all works so well together! I have given this book as a gift to children as young as a two-year old and up to an eight-year old and every one of them has loved it. It’s also great for older kids who are getting more comfortable reading on their own and learning about poetry in school. I hope this is the first of many books in the Jacky Foster series!
Megan H. FL

This is a great debut book! The rhyming text and colorful illustrations is sure to delight young readers. I love that the characters are gnomes, they are such cute and interesting little fellows! Recommended for ages 3-7, and gnome lovers of all ages. Can’t wait to see more from this author.
Stephanie R.   Children’s Librarian  Palm Beach County

Great book for children. Love the rhythm. Interesting story too.
Ghislain V.   Los Angeles

At first glance the book is an instant eye-catcher with vibrant colors, interesting looking characters and durable feeling construction, then, open the cover to pages of a remarkable well told adventure story full of excitement and fun. The wording is positioned in such a ingenious way. Even though my granddaughter has heard the story many times, it holds her attention from start to finish. We have many great children’s books in our home accumulated over the years and will always treasure them and now, “The Gnomes in the Trees” will be added to the list as one of our favorites.
You can expect to read it over and over, it’s one of those books that children love to hear and grandparents/parents love to re-read.

David McCoy, McDonough, GA

The delightfully bright and lively illustrations are a perfect companion to the upbeat tempo of this story. It’s an all-around, feel-good opportunity. A tremendous sense of well-being arises when we feel helpful. No matter how young or how old we are, sharing, caring, and giving a helping hand contribute to our overall need of community. Little Jacky Foster finds he is able to lend his young abilities to those of even smaller stature than he.

Darleen Wohlfeil

Who doesn’t love gnomes?! I adore gnomes and was very happy to see a short story on them. The Gnomes in the trees is a delightful children’s picture book by C.L. Collyer suitable for children ages 3 through 8.

This is a cute story about friendship, gnomes, and magic. Jacky Foster lives in a farm with his parents, his sister Josie, and his faithful dog Sparky. At Jacky’s eighth birthday party, an incredible thing occurs. A statue of gnome comes alive and asks Jacky to help his family who live in a faraway land. Jacky agrees and goes off with his dog to save the day.

This charming picture book caught my eye immediately because of the illustration on the cover, and I’m delighted to say that the contents are just as endearing. This story is poetically written with steady rhythm and rhyme, and illustrated beautifully.

The book has large pictures to keep the kids engaged during the reading. In this book the kids will learn what goodwill and teamwork can accomplish. This imaginative tale will bewitch the hearts of its readers, young and old. The book is penned in the first person, and has a natural, flowing style. The author has kept the writing style simple for young readers to follow, painting a delightful picture of gnomes. The story may be simple but was a joy to read.

I must say I greatly enjoyed this cute short story and found it a refreshing tale. The imaginative world created by the author was fun to read and would appeal to kids and adults alike.

It was a sweet and fun read from start to finish, so I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. This is the first book in the “Jacky Foster Adventure” series, and a great start for the series! It’s a perfect bedtime story for young kids. I loved this story and would recommend this book to young readers who love gnomes’ tales and fantasy adventures.



The Gnomes in the Trees is a magical book for children of all ages. The story is told in verses, and it’s a perfect book for parents interested in furthering their kids’ creativity, vocabulary and understanding of poetry as a way to tell a story. Aided by detailed illustrations, each verse uncovers the amazing tale of a little boy in a dreamlike world full of gnomes, a mysterious land named Gnomia.

With his mastery in rhythm and full command of the English language, the author, C.L. Collyer, creates a vivid and boundless world of enchanting characters that will capture the minds and hearts of young and old readers.

D.B. Lake Worth, FL

If I wrote a “ONE” word review it would be “delightful”.  I got the book for my 2 year old grandson, and I was elated to see his face light up when I began to read the story. He’s young and his eyes focused on the beautiful illustrations but the greatest part was that the rhymes and the story itself kept his attention from page to page. Its a happy well written story for all ages. I like that the story is one that will bring new things to my grandson overtime- I can hardly wait til he reads it to me in just a few short years. To conclude my review with ‘TWO” words = Good Read

Robert Wallace, FL

The Gnome in the Trees is just a wonderful book! I have two children, a boy, 7 and a girl, 3. They are both marveled at the whimsical and creative story. The story and the main character Jacky, really captures
my kid’s attention, feeds their imagination and teaches them about rhyming. The illustrations and writing are just lovely and as a parent I enjoy reading this fairy tale to them. We can hardly wait for the
next book in the series?? Hint hint to the author!!

Katie Simpson, NY

This is an excellent read, beautifully illustrated for children of all ages. The story captures your attention at the onset and later your heart, keeping us all waiting for the second book of the series.

All too often our children of today are busy engaging with technology. This makes the perfect gift for all youngsters and/or parents wishing to spend quality reading time with their children. I absolutely loved it and strongly believe your children will, too.


As a new father, I am very cautious on what I read to my child before bed. This book is absolutely phenomenal! Not only did the author create great imagery for the story, the book was written to bring hope and imagination in way that will help children develop and grow and become well rounded individuals. The story is easy to understand for children yet entails a strong message of courage.

I highly recommend this to other parents out there looking for good children’s books that have a greater value other than the pictures, which this book excels at as well.

Chris S.  FL

The children at my day-care center love the book, The Gnomes in the Trees. The book has been read to the children many times. To extend their learning, I encourage them to tell me what kind of animals should go in the book. They enjoy naming animals that they think live in the forest and have had many discussions as to the many types. We have also discussed the reality of finding gnomes in the forest and a lively discussion is always held by the children.  Some funnily believe in little people and of course, some say “No Way!”

I am sure that there will be many sequels – more adventures for your young Jacky and his gnome friends.

Sincerely, Roberta Wright  September 19, 2016


Roberta Wright

Owner -, Wright Child Care Tacoma, WA

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