While my website contains poetry (and soon stories) that I have written embracing several genres, it is and most certainly will be going forward devoted in great part to children.

Our children are the future of our world. The more we devote the time and energy to help develop them and give them the opportunity to realize their potential, the better our world will be.

Reading to children at an early age is the essential nutrient in the seeds of growth and maturation guiding them to achieve the highest degree of self-actualization.

Mem Fox, the renowned Australian children’s book author and lecturer in her wonderful book Reading Magic, reveals how reading aloud to children on a regular schedule will “change their lives forever”. In her book she shows empirically that children – infants – as young as six-months of age react to the rhythmical cadence of their mother’s voices when being read to on a regular basis.

There are specific advantages a toddler or preschool-age child can receive by being exposed to the merits of reading. Reading aloud to children frequently will build a strong relationship between the reader and the child. Most children having been exposed to reading as a child have done well in all facets of formal education. Reading teaches them not only basic reading skills such as reading and writing left to right – this is not instinctive – but helps immensely with speech skills. It enables logical thinking skills along with enhanced concentration and discipline.

So I urge you to leave your children with a lasting legacy. Read to them as often as possible. Make and take time to do this starting this evening.