Amongst my favorite reviews or comments are those that come from the kids. I get such a great sense of warmth and accomplishment when I read their thank you notes or letters. Even when they spell phonetically and misspell words, you know everything is coming right from the heart. Therein lies my satisfaction: knowing a child has worn a smile – even for just a moment.

I loved the colors and the characters in the book! They both kept me interested along with the story!
Seline (Age 7)  Florida, USA

Thank you for the book. Your a good ather (sic). And I like that the boy is my age. I have read your book three times.
Parker,  Florida, USA

I love how the story comes alive as you are reading it. I love it.
Brinnly (Age 11)  Georgia, USA

And dear Brinnly, that is exactly what it is intended to do. It is meant to invite you into the wonderful, simple and fun-filled lives of magical people.

Thank you very much for my signed copy of “The Gnomes in the Trees”. My mommy has read it to me a few times already and I love it.

I just got this book as a present.  I love all the gnomes. I have always been curious about gnomes and where they live and when they come out to play.

This is such a great story and I really like all the colorful pictures with Jacky and his dog Sparky and all the animals and the prince in his castle.

Charlotte (Age 8) Mississauga, ON

“The illustrations in this book are so bright and colorful that even I, Laila, at 6-months of age enjoy reading it.”
Laila (Age 6 months) Florida, USA

“We loved all the animals and how Jacky Foster taught the gnomes how to count with their fingers, their toes and their noses.”
Noah (7) and Natanel (4)  Florida, USA

He calls it “big white dog” and “red hats” – translation:   Jackie’s Dalmatian and the gnomes in the woods who all wear red hats.
Luca (Age 2)  Florida, USA

My daddy reads me the book The Gnomes in the Trees all the time.  Even though I am only18 months old,  I love Sparky the dog and I love saying “Gnomes”.

Leah, London, England (Age 18 months)

The book is very creative and I love how it rhymes.
Leona (Age 9) Orlando, Florida, USA

Thank you for the great book. I love the colrs (sic) very much.
Love, Zarah  Florida, USA

“I want to read the book about the little people in the trees”.
“Do Gnomes live in our backyard?”
“Can we get a Gnome for Christmas?”
“Why don’t I see Gnomes anywhere?”
“Who makes the little people’s clothes?”
Blakey (Age 3)  Georgia, USA

Blakely, you have made my day. C.L. Collyer

 Thnk (sic) you for the book. I like it the pickchrs (sic) because it is beautiful. Love, Kasia  Florida, USA

“I love reading this book. The pictures are beautiful and I hope there will be more books about Jacky!”
Jaymie (Age 8)  Ontario, Canada

“My favourite characters are the gnomes and his dog Sparky. It is my new favourite bedtime book”
Madison (Maddie) (Age 6) Ontario, Canada

“I love Jacky Foster and all the gnomes. It’s my favorite book.”
Talia (Age 6)  North Carolina, USA

“I am two-years old and I love to see Jacky teaching the gnomes how to count with their fingers and toes.”
Kiara (Age 2)  North Carolina, USA

Mommy gave me the book will all the gnomes, and the animals and Jacky Foster and Sparky. I love it.

Liam, Age 3, S. Florida, USA