The Final Journey

I know I’ve made a thousand journeys
Withstood the tests of time and foe
Shed the dust and shouldered worries
Struggled onward against the flow

Unconforming, seldom bending
Straight the path I ever took
Challenge was my unending passion
Contradiction I forsook.

I’ve battled tempests ‘fore and ‘hind me
I’ve seen the devil at my heels
Seldom knowing what lay before me
Never knowing how respite feels.

I’ve seen the Valkyries and Forty Furies
Their mazy circles in the sky
Taunting, haunting, ever daunting
Beckoning from their aeries high.

I’ve crossed the searing sands of Gobi
and scaled Himalaya’s rocky tors
Badlands, wastelands all behind me
Walked upon the Seven shores

I’ve gazed upon the Northern Lights
And seen the Southern Cross at sea
I’ve traveled east and journeyed west
No home or kindred claiming me.

No ebb of tide did succor bring me
No place of solace ever found
But grappled fiercely all that challenged
Gaining purchase on the ground.

And rose against what life beset me
with courage the gruel for my soul,
hampered, harassed, never emptied
firm and resolute toward my goal.

But it’s finished now, I’ve done my part
and I’ve left nothing uncompleted.
No looking back, no ruing thoughts
all my convictions undefeated.

And now I’m on that final journey
through all meridians of time and space
with hope to meet the God that gave me
the fortitude to run the race.

© 2015  –  All Rights Reserved.