On Sunday, my new book, The Gnomes in the Trees will be featured as a giveaway on Goodreads. There will be 40 books in the Giveaway Promotion which lasts through August 17th. Take the time to sign up for an opportunity to win a free edition of the children’s picture book with an SRP of $17.95.

I’ll take the giveaway one step further: anyone who is selected by Goodreads to receive a copy, and writes an honest review of the book on Goodreads’ site, one name will be selected using the online service RANDOM.ORG, and he/she will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

So to qualify, you will have to have been a recipient selected by Goodreads for a free book, and you will have to have written an honest review of the book on the Goodreads’ site. All names of those who qualify for the Amazon gift card will be drawn randomly RANDOM.ORG. The winner will be awarded the card not based on the review but on the fact that he/she did write a review.

So enter the Goodreads’ giveaway promotion starting this Sunday, July 17th.