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Pssst…So you think you know Gnomes?

Robyn Frampton appreciated magic from an early age. As a small child living in Colorado, she used to sneak across the street to sit in the center of a clump of trees. She’d look up and imagine what could be, what life would look like if she could live among...

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Enter the Goodreads’ Giveaway Promotion

On Sunday, my new book, The Gnomes in the Trees will be featured as a giveaway on Goodreads. There will be 40 books in the Giveaway Promotion which lasts through August 17th. Take the time to sign up for an opportunity to win a free edition of the children’s picture...

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Nightly Bedtime Stories in Peril

While I personally love to write about topics or situations that I have a passion for, primarily about kids and the importance of encouraging them to be readers, I will on occasion, come across someone else’s article that conveys the same message. The following...

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Read to Your Children

While my website contains poetry (and soon stories) that I have written embracing several genres, it is and most certainly will be going forward devoted in great part to children. Our children are the future of our world. The more we devote the time and energy to help...

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Today’s World of Writing and Speech

Anathema to the wonderful world of writing today is the carelessness in grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as the readability, credibility, and plain, ordinary common sense – or lack thereof. Each and every day I have reason to become more and more disconcerted...

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